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How its feels when women having sex

Regular sex provides many benefits, but the feeling of women having sex or sex with your partner can go well beyond the intimacy of the bed.

Certain Research done on both men and women has shown that a good sex session twice a week can boost your immune system and improve your heart health. It is essential to enjoy regularly for a healthy marriage.

some time partners are not in great condition for sexual pleasure so  Many men and women experience fluctuating levels of sex drive..  Low sex drive can signify someone’s emotional or physical problems can also affect mental health.

 The rest of this article will explain how to break down bedroom walls and get more heat between your sheets.

Research has shown exercise can have both psychological as well as physical benefits. Empirical studies have demonstrated that regular exercise is an effective way to protect yourself against chronic illnesses like stroke, heart disease (hypertension), and heart attack.

You must be active to reduce the chance of osteopenia, sarcopenia, and osteoporosis. All of these are linked with ageing

Doing Daily routine exercise is key in the prevention or treatment of certain diseases like obesity and diabetes. It is well known in certain research that exercise can improve your mental health.

Exercise has many psychological health benefits, including stress relief as well as mood elevation, and an increase in self-image. Krucoff & Krucoff 2000. Many benefits can be derived from regular exercise.

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It is well known that an active lifestyle can decrease the chance of developing chronic conditions.

But, supporters of exercise argue that it may increase sexual performance. Stanten & Yeager 2003; Krucoff & Krucoff2000.

Frauman (1982), in a study, found that college students who exercised regularly reported more sexual behavior and a higher desire.

Krucoff & Krucoff 2000. The improved sexual function requires physical endurance, muscle tone, good body composition, and physical endurance.

Exercise activates our sympathetic nervous system, increasing blood flow to our genital regions

Even low levels, even moderate activity, can improve moods and preserve equipment. According to literature, men who exercise regularly can lower their risk of getting the erectile disorder. This is equivalent to walking 2 miles.

Studies show that exercise has been shown to increase sexual drive, sexual activation and sexual satisfaction. A study that found women were more sexually responsive after vigorous exercise for 20 minutes was published by Stanten and Yeager (2003, 2003).

It has been proven that intense, short-term exercise increases testosterone levels in males. This can increase sexual desire and behaviors.

Exercising too much can lead to a reduction in testosterone.

Weiss 1997 explains that both testosterone levels and psychological factors can affect libido.

Recent data from 31742 men, aged 53-90, was analyzed in the Health Professionals Follow-up Study. This included dentists (podiatrists), pharmacists, as well as veterinarians.

It was used in order to determine what lifestyle factors were associated with erectile disfunction risk (Bacon Mittleman und Kawachi, 2003). The impotence rate for men over 50 years old who exercised was 30% lower than that of those who didn’t.

1.The latest sexual wellness

let us know how you can find out what you like or don’t love in the bedroom. many researches suggest that understanding the basics of what makes you feel comfortable in bed is the first step to getting to sleep well.You prefer.

it explains that it is important to know what makes you feel good, which actions you can take, how your body reacts to stimulation, and how the process is crucial to have a partner who can learn and dance with you.

IT is suggested that your partner should be able to express your wishes.  specialist suggests you should use the fantasy format to communicate your ideas if your partner is not comfortable with your thoughts.

One way to tell your partner is to say that you had a daydream as a child about what you looked like now. He suggests that you use stimulating language. “Doing so will allow you to have the type and amount of sex your heart desires.” Masturbation can help women discover their true love for sex and empower them.

2. Focus on the moment and tune in to the noise

Our stressful lives can make it easy to get distracted. While we may prefer to be focusing on romance, this is normal. Women should stay current. Dr states that you want to be able to have a good time and relax your brain.

The science supports the idea of women being able to tune into the noise to improve their intimate sex experiences..

In a 2018 study published by the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, meditation was found to help women achieve higher sexual function and greater desire.

Fantasizing about women having sex is a way to help you stay focused if you’re still thinking about your to-do lists more than what’s happening in your bedroom. sex specialist suggest and claims that fantasizing is a powerful way to put aside your anxious minds.

Many women fantasize about sexual pleasure, whether unconsciously or in a natural way, in order to attain a greater level of arousal. Kerner has seen this in years of speaking with female patients.

3. Positive Body Image & Sexual Confidence during women having sex

A woman who isn’t comfortable in her body might find it difficult to have sex. According to a study published at The Journal of Sexual Medicine and The Journal of Sexual Medicine, women’s sexual satisfaction may be affected by how they feel about their bodies.

This suggests that women with low sexual pleasure might be more likely to receive treatment that targets this aspect of their body.

A second study in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality revealed that exercise frequency and physical fit increase attractiveness.

This can lead to better self-image as well as higher energy. People who feel confident about themselves are more attractive and more likely to have a better experience with partners. Kerner says negative body images can cause insecurity and create barriers for men and women.

Positive body image is a way to boost confidence. I have witnessed patients lose weight or become more active. Patients also felt more confident in their sexual self-esteem.

4. It doesn’t make a difference what your partner looks like.

sex specialist says you don’t have the need to look flawless to enjoy your sexuality. Your partner might think that you are perfect just the way you are.

they adds that not all men have the same tastes as the media portrays. “Certainly, men are more focused during sex or deep state of arousal on the details rather than their bodies during sexual activity.”

5. Forming trust and emotional love between the couples

 It’s possible to feel distant from your partner or worried about their fidelity. It’s important to speak out about any suspicions your partner might have of an affair. it is suggested starting the conversation by saying that you feel like you haven’t been talking to your partner in a while, but that you are constantly on your phone or texting. This makes it unsafe for you and your partner. Next, say that you want your relationship to be a priority and that you value you sex life.

6. You can check the sexual health status of your partner.

People don’t like to hear the uncomfortable question, “When were you last tested for STDs?” Kerner suggests that a positive approach to the conversation can be taken by saying “I find your partner really sexy;I would like to have a romantic relationship with him.” But, for me, we need a discussion about our sexual histories. We also need safety agreements. If your partner does not want to talk, it may be that they are not ready for the conversation.

7. Two products that make sex more convenient

It is well-known vaginal Dryness happens more often in women over 50. It can also happen to younger ladies. You can make it more convenient by using a lubricant.

There are key differences. Kerner recommends Sliquid a water-based natural lubricant. Kerner stresses the importance to foreplay in order allow you to lubricate naturally. He said that stimulating your body might stimulate your mind, but not physically.

Harvard University found a positive correlation between regular physical activity and sexual enjoyment. Krucoff/Krucoff 2000 showed that 60-year-old swimmers had sex lives similar to those of 40-year olds (Krucoff/ Krucoff2000). Bortz & Wallace (1999), showed that older people had higher levels of satisfaction and sexual activity.

A healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and regular stimulation can help to maintain your health condition well.


It has received a lot attention that exercise is linked to various aspects of human function. Regular exercise is beneficial for both male and female help for better sexual experience.  This study investigated the influence of exercise frequency upon self-reported fitness levels, perceived sexual desire, and overall health.