A wise believer will lead you to a closer relationship with the Lord. It is a stunning truth that has many surprises but powerful implications.

Solomon or is one of the best examples of wisdom. Some say God made him one of the most intelligent men in the world. U learn about solmon but do want to know what is spiritual wisdom and why so many people are eager to obtain and go on spiritual path

It might be hard to imagine how a man of legendary wisdom could become so stupid. The answer is straightforward. He exchanged spiritual wisdom with the wisdom of the universe.

It is possible to acquire spiritual wisdom. However, while many people may wish it, it is unlikely that anyone knows what it is.

Wisdom isn’t the same as Knowledge. Although you may grasp facts, truths and principles easily, if this Knowledge isn’t applied in your life, you are not wise.

Wisdom, especially spiritual, is about more than just knowing what’s good for your life. It also involves applying that Knowledge to your day.

What is spiritual wisdom ?How spiritual wisdom works for the person

It is important that you understand that spiritual wisdom doesn’t exist by itself. All the spiritual gifts work together, but not necessarily in a single moment.

In my personal experience, wisdom is often a complement to the gifts of Knowledge or discernment. Knowledge is when God shows us a truth that is not being shared or spoken of.

In shortt: Wisdom is God’s way of showing us how to use Knowledge and discernment.

In the spiritual world, there is no hidden secret in the world. If one is curious, then spiritual wisdom will work for everyone who wants to attain it.

Spiritual wisdom is dynamic, empowered by the Spirit to meet the need. Therefore, we cannot learn how to’ from them.

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Spiritual wisdom must always be sought.

what is spiritual wisdom
spiritual gift of wisdom
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Every spiritual book like ” Geeta ” or “ Bible “says That s do your work with love and don’t worry about the result While many may want healing, deliverance, and other miracles, for me, wisdom is probably the greatest gift.

I’ve witnessed many God-fearing people who have these ‘greater gift’ abilities but lack wisdom.

It is all too easy to fall prey to the illusion of self-gratification and miss the real power of God. Wisdom is quiet. It is silent and rarely looks for dramatic outcomes.

Solomon’s account of God’s attitude toward wisdom shows God’s approach to wisdom.

Solomon asked for this. Two things happened when Solomon asked for it.

The first is God granted Him His request beyond his imagination and abundantly.

God reward abundantly everyone who wants wisdom and want spiritual wisdom, and in this case, he was also gifted abundantly with the things he didn’t .ask

Wisdom is not something we should seek out for the sake of blessings. We have to desire it because God has it for us, and we want Him to help us. If we do not ask, we will not be granted it.

What Is spiritual wisdom & How a normal person can achieve spiritual wisdom

Bible stories tell of Solomon, the young man who sought wisdom after God gave him all he wanted. God granted Solomon this humble wish.

It was there in your heart. You didn’t ask for riches or wealth or honor or the life or death of your enemies–but you have sought wisdom and Knowledge to judge My people. Wisdom and Knowledge are granted to you, and I will give wealth and honor that none of the previous kings had, nor will any of them have after you.

This tale is a great example of personal revelation for Christians and non-Christians alike. Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary defines wisdom to be “knowledge, and having the ability to make proper use of it.”

Solomon asked for insight, not just Knowledge, but also insight on how to apply that knowledge effectively.

This led to the grant of riches, wealth, and honor. Why? The universe can give you more if your decisions are clear.

George Bernard Shaw, the Irish playwright, once said, “We’re made wise not by the recollection and responsibility for our past, but rather by what we do with it.” Seneca, the Roman writer, stated that no man has ever been wiser by chance.

It is beneficial for your human trinity, mind, body, and Spirit to seek spiritual wisdom. This quest isn’t something that only some people can achieve. All you need to do to become wise is to make the right decision and follow through.

Where u can find spiritual wisdom

To find spiritual wisdom: understanding the meaning and purpose of life, exploring the possibilities of life after death, symbols, spirituality, sacred scripture, angels, and divine nature.

One philosophy of spiritual New Age wisdom says that you are a spirit being manifesting consciousness.

Acceptance of an aspect of who and what you are can help you live in unconditional abundance, health, and happiness. This is Knowledge. Spiritual wisdom comes from applying this Knowledge to your world.

What is spiritual wisdom learn more about

How to obtain spiritual wisdom

So, how can you bring the spiritual gift of wisdom into your life? There are many ways to apply the spiritual gift of wisdom to your life, but here are seven that you might find inspiring:

1. First, Choose wisdom

The first step to achieving the best for your soul is making the decision that you will have it. People find themselves in painful situations all the time simply because they chose not to be there.

2. Trust your instincts

It is advised people that they should trust their instincts. That’s where true wisdom is found.

It is believed that instinct is a form of guidance. Dyer sees instinct as God speaking to him. It should not be taken lightly.

A person should keep an eye on their natural instinct while searching for spiritual wisdom and freeness as our inner instincts know more than us

3. Set your boundaries

The rules that govern your life will change if wisdom is sought. You will wonder if you should eat junk at 10 p.m. and if you should talk to your ex if he’s broken up with your heart three times within the last two years. You can achieve great spiritual wisdom by guarding your soul (your emotions, your heart, and all your desires).

4. Wisdom always surrounds you

Wise counsel, wise words, wise books: all of these are avenues of wisdom. It is said that birds of a feather flock together. Do you want to be an eagle or a dodo?

5. Learn from your mistake

The first time could be accidental. The second time may be a mistake. but making the same mistake, again and again, is a habit

 It’s a problem. It would be best if you were wise. Being wise does not mean that you know the facts and can apply them in your own life.

6. Learn from the mistakes made by others

7. You can choose it daily. 

The best piece of spiritual wisdom that life can offer you is that you will never get all of the wisdom you need as long as you’re alive.

Yesterday’s lesson was sufficient for today. Remember that you are always learning something new about yourself, others, and the world around you every moment.

After you’ve applied these seven principles to your life, you will be well on your path to spiritual wisdom.

Although it won’t arrive overnight, you can expect to receive it if you ask (as often as you need it). Spiritual wisdom is available for as long you keep your holistic health as a top priority in all aspects of your life.

A wise person once said: “Often people try to lead their lives backward. People want more. They seek more money and things. This will make them happier. The reverse is true. To achieve what you desire, you have to first be you.

What is the main difference between wisdom from the world and obtaining spiritual wisdom?

There are many people out there who are wise in nature. They often have a certain humility to go with it.

Wisdom from the world is obtained from only experience. There is no second way to obtain.

It is independent of ability, learning, financial position, or genetics. Wisdom is gained through experience and the school for hard knocks.

While we can all share wisdom, we cannot teach it. Being truly wise is more about our attitude than what we learn.

Wisdom must have been infused into our lives in a meaningful, real way in order for us to be truly wise. To be truly wise, we must have experienced the moment when it was given to us.

If the person receiving it doesn’t experience it in a personal and dynamic way, they won’t be able to benefit from it. It takes more time to acquire worldly wisdom than it does spiritual.

Spiritual wisdom is a gift from God.

It’s not possible to learn or earn it, and it doesn’t take many years to attain it. It is always about God and aligns with Biblical truth. It can be very practical, but spiritual wisdom has a supernatural nature. God may use our experiences as a way to give us His wisdom. But it is never the source. God allows us to become as knowledgeable in those areas we do not have the experience. Spiritual wisdom is based on God’s Word. This happens when God gives His Word to us through His Spirit.

Spiritual wisdom is open to all who want to achieve it.

Spiritual wisdom doesn’t only apply to God’s Word. Solomon’s wisdom was admired not only in Israel but all around the globe.

While Solomon served God, the wisdom he gained was applicable to both the things and the world of God. Although there is a distinct line between worldly wisdom or that from God, the difference lies with the fact the former is only applicable to the natural.

It can only impact the spiritual if God grants it supernatural power at a given moment. It is true that God could speak through a donkey if He chose to.

True wisdom is able to reach anyone they wish, no matter where they are at home or at work.

Wise people and women of God are recognized everywhere they go because God imbues them with power and wisdom.

Spiritual truth is often not well-received in today’s world. It can even be aggressive because of the inherent resistance. When spiritual truth is shared with spiritual wisdom, it can remove all barriers and allow the seeds to take root.


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