how to treat bedtime procrastination
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What is “Revenge Bedtime procrastination?”

When someone procrastinates in bed to get instant gratification or avoid exhaustion at work or in life, it is called Revenge Bedtime Procrastination you are reading this than you may be curious about how to treat bedtime procrastination

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What does Bedtime procrastination have to do about revenge like gaming?

If your life is stressful and you have been using Fortnite and Netflix to escape reality, you may be taking revenge on your Sleep. It’s as simple as that.

Let’s now find out what it is.

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Revenge bedtime procrastination and its types

It is known as revenge bedtime procrastination, which involves putting off going to bed to avoid Sleep.

While-in bed procrastination is the delay in sleeping after you go to bed using digital products.

Procrastination while in bed is a topic new to sleep science, but it profoundly impacts our mental and bodily health.

Even though scientists continue to discover new information every day, we must follow their lead.

It could also be that you don’t have a good reason to stay up until the early hours, but it might indicate something.

Do you watch too many series? You might have this problem.

Do I mean to imply that binging on series is wrong or that staying up late is not OK?


But if you’re trying to get to sleep earlier but cannot, this is a sign you may have stress.and person should comtrol

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Certain factors affecting revenge bedtime procrastination

I’m sure that everyone who has taken revenge on sleep time or sacrificed their Sleep can relate to at most some of the following factors.

  1. Absence of Self-regulation 
  2. Instant gratification is what you need
  3. Relationship issues
  4. Absence of social life
  5. Lack of Competency
  6. Multiple failures across different areas of your life

These are the primary reasons people become night owls.

It’s OK to procrastinate occasionally but not regularly.

But if the matter seems out of control, or you are looking for special help, you can read on to see what you can do.

We know that Sleep is important, but we don’t respect it.

Let me set things in perspective. I was giving up my Sleep to work. My health conditions started to get worse.

I know that it is possible to be healthy if you sleep early. However, my actions didn’t support my thoughts. It’s something that I will keep in my mind but never actually do.

There was always a gap in my understanding of the world..

This is the “Intention-behavior gap. We can close the gap by using the correct techniques and awareness.

These techniques will help you get rid of your revenge bedtime procrastination.

How to treat bedtime procrastination & Techniques and methods to stop the bedtime revenge procrastination.

It can be difficult to do all of this. You can do it if you take it slow.

Always give time to yourself and your body, and if you have internal feelings, than a person can stop procrastination

Wouldn’t it be great to feel happy and energetic again?

If you desire to be great in all aspects of your life, then you should follow the rules?

If yes, then Because you have already won half of this race. The IntentionIntention Foundation is the foundation.

If you answer “No,” I don’t know what to say. It’s OK. You are not in total control of your own life if you feel this way.

It’s possible to fix it right away. 

Step 1 To identify your intentions, I recommend this exercise.

Step 1 You can cancel all of your plans.

Step 2 Choose a space that is quiet, comfortable, and well-ventilated.

Step 3Close your eyes.

Step 4 Consider your current life and consider that sleep procrastination can be a problem.

Step 5 Create solutions.

Step 6 Note all your thoughts and take a pen to it.

Step 7 Take the time to read the notes before you go to bed and wake up.

2nd Step

Our brains are wired in a way to choose the easy route. This behavior can be attributed directly to our ancestors.

Because of this, we often face internal resistance when trying to bring new systems or change them.

This technique is also known as the Loss-aversion method in human psychology.

3rd step Set a solid, clear goal

Ambitions, goals, and purpose drive humans. This has been demonstrated repeatedly. There is subtle complexity hiding there. It’s the precision in vision.

You won’t succeed if your goal is to sleep early. Your brain won’t help.

EG :

I’m going to get up early and do the task at time.

I will be waking up at 5.30 every day for the next 45-days. (High Precision)(

High precision goals are always a good idea. But is this all? It’s not! Continue reading.

4th Step : motivation, monitor the progress

Are you looking for the greatest motivator? It’s your track record.

This technique is popular in the fitness industry as well as incorporate companies.

tracking your progress in small is a great way

Studies show that tracking progress can motivate people to help them see that they are moving closer to their goals.

Tracking with Fitbit, spreadsheets, journals, and other tracking devices has become a motivating and moving experience for many people.

It’s a good idea to write down or cross off the date each time you go for Sleep on Time.

5. Looking for social feedback and akwas check for social feedback

It is well-known that we are more likely to follow our actions when we are held responsible for our actions.

However, I’m not going to go into the depths of habits as we discuss sleep procrastination.

How to treat bedtime procrastination As Everyone can try these steps to treat and get relief

This is just the beginning.

When you apply these techniques, real change will occur.

Make it a routine. You can’t go back once you start. This is the kind of commitment you need to make.

What do experts think about procrastination?

Procrastination generally occurs if a person has too much stress

revenge-sleep procrastination was still a brand new concept. So there are still some debates regarding this psychology.

To stop your life-sucking revenge bedtime procrastination, sharpen your conscious thought and leverage it.


How u want freeness from procrastination and get good Sleep

As we all know, Sleep is essential and cannot easily be traded.

It is essential to remember that Sleep is the key to happiness and prolonging your life.

The constant pressure to work harder and higher levels of stress in our lives deprives people of their leisure time. This can lead to revenge or rebellion against Bedtime.

How a person can feel that he is procrastination

Are you putting off sleeping more than usual and then feeling terrible the next morning? Do you feel it is affecting your health? that it is not an alarming condition, and too many people are suffering from it these days