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Vanilla vodka is a beloved flavor. Vanilla vodka can be purchased in any brand

Vodka has been popular for many centuries. It is known that it was first discovered in the 15th Century. The spirit was made using alcohol from Genoa. Others claim that it is as old as the 90s when it was created in home stills to disinfect and for medicinal purposes.

Let us know more about the best vanilla vodka in the article

Whatever the truth, vodka is not new and has undergone significant changes. Traditions developed over time, and drinking habits became established. Cocktails are continually being created, improved, and changed. flavored versions of vodka are relatively new with their entire history.

However, flavored vodkas really started to take off once they were available. Many brands now offer flavored vodkas.

This has created a whole new market for vodka cocktails. Shots and, of course, vanilla, are all available. Vanilla vodka is best if it’s sweet and fragrant, but not too overpowering. Natural infusions produce better results than artificial flavoring which can give vodka an artificial, sickly sweet flavor.

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Vodka is an extremely popular spirit that can be used to mix cocktails. Vanilla flavoring adds to its appeal.

It’s sweeter and more smooth to drink as a shot.

What is the best vanilla vodka available? You need to consider the vodka’s base quality, the vodka flavor strength, and the cost of the vanilla vodka. Best vanilla vodka has a touch of sweetness and subtlety, while still maintaining the original smooth, subtle vodka flavor.

What is Vanilla Vodka exactly?

VanillavodkaNot surprisingly, it is vodka infused with a vanilla aroma and rich flavor.

Although every brand makes its flavored vodkas differently, there is one thing that liquor laws require. Flavored vodka, which includes vanilla vodka, must meet the following requirements: Alcohol by volume, minimum 30%(ABV). Traditional vodka must have a minimum of 40% ABV.

Plain vodka can be made from a variety of grains, depending on its manufacturer. Vanilla vodka is the same.

You can use potato, corn, grain, or fruit as the base. Some brands don’t disclose how vodka is made

The flavoring is just as vague. Most cases. The terms “essence of vanilla” (or “natural flavorings”) are not hard to understand.

The one certain thing is theThe vanilla aroma is sweet and delicate, which helps to soften the bitterness of straight vodka.

Drinks made with Vanilla Vodka

Do you have any questions about mixing with what? Vanilla vodka you can’t go wrong when you have a standard vanilla vodka and soda.

The earthy sweetness tastes great with a lemon, lime, or root beer clear soda.

There are many recipes and cocktails you can make with vanilla vodka if your creativity takes you further.

A few of our favorites cocktails that pair well with vanilla vodka include

  • Orange creamsicle
  • Summer sangria
  • Christmas cocktails
  • Coffee cocktails
  • Vanilla mint mojitos

Vanilla is a great pairing for coffee, chocolate, and all creamy flavors. It adds sweetness to citrus flavors and balances out the bitterness of heavy spices such as cinnamon or bright herbs, like mint.

It’s one of the most versatile flavors you can use, so don’t be afraid to try it.

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Hot Drinks & Vanilla Vodka

Depending on the time and mood, you might prefer to have a warm drink over something cold. Vanilla vodka is a great choice in this area.

Pair your spirit with these:

  • Hot chocolate is better when you add marshmallows to it!
  • Vanilla latte
  • Warm spiced tea with honey
  • Steamed milk peppermint
  • Pumpkin spice latte and steamed Milk
best vanilla vodka
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Can Vanilla Vodka be drunk straight?

Vanilla vodka can be enjoyed straight. However, the quality of the vodka will affect your enjoyment. It is. Enjoy chilled in chilled shot glasses

It’s possible to add ice to your drink so it looks like a shot.

The vodka’s flavor makes it more appealing, especially when compared with drinking vodka straight.

The best vodka has a strong flavor and is great for adding to mixed drinks. But, buying pre-flavored vodka with vanilla can make it more appealing. Sweet, earthy, and mellow you need.

You may want to keep a chaser on hand if you drink vanilla vodka straight.

It will go well with almost anything you mix vanilla vodka with, though you may want to use it in smaller quantities.

6 Best Vanilla Vodkas

We now know what vanilla vodka is and its versatility. Let’s review 7 of the best vanilla vodkas available online.

RankProductBest Signature Cocktail

1. Smirnoff Vanilla Vanilla Vodka and Vanilla Coke

2. Absolute Verilia Vanilla Cold Brew

3. Veil Vanilla Vodka Martini with Chocolate Vanilla

4. Stolichnaya Vanil Vanilla Stoli Creamsicle

5. Burnett Vanilla Vodka Vanilla Pina Colada

6. Grey Goose Le Vanille Martini made with classic vodka

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Ciroc French Vanilla

Ciroc European Vanilla is a new vanilla vodka on the market. It’s one I purchased back in 2017. Ciroc is well-known for making premium vodkas, and this one is no exception. It’s a great vodka.

This is the vodka to get people talking at your party or with friends. It will cost you around PS26 for a standard 70cl container. It is a great vodka, but it is not the best.

Grey Goose Vanilla

Grey Goose is a premium label that will ensure a high price. Although the standard 70cl bottle cost me around PS45, this bottle was 1L. However, it is still very expensive and costs 3x more than Absolut Vanilia. It is quite a pleasant tasting, although it isn’t as sweet or “candy-like” as other vodkas. The taste of vodka comes through quite a lot.

Smirnoff Vanilla

It is now for the most famous brand and It’s quite nice. This product is available for purchase at around PS18. It’s a very affordable price for a well-known brand.

Stolichnaya Vanilla

Stil Vanil is something I’ve tried a lot, but I have never bought a full-sized bottle. It’s used as standard vanilla vodka in many bars, which I must say is really good. It has the best vanilla taste of the four and leaves no aftertaste.

Absolut Vanilia

Absolut Vanilla “Vanilia,” vodka is the most popular and beloved vanilla flavored vodka.Absolut is well-known for producing high-quality vodkas.

The price of the vodka seems to be around PS15-20. It’s well worth it. The smell is enticing and the taste is sweet and pleasant. However, it’s strong enough to be sure you’re still drinking vodka.

1. Smirnoff Vanilla

Smirnoff vodka is one of the most recognized brands in the world. It is easy to drink, yet has a smooth flavor that appeals to experienced cocktail drinkers. It isn’t overpowering, but the vanilla flavor is evident and it has the perfect delicate scent.

Key FeaturesThis is:

  • ABV: 35%
  • Pure vanilla bean flavor, with a wonderful aroma and balanced sweetness
  • Triple-distilled vodka base made of corn. 10 times filtered to ensure purity

Signature cocktail: Vanilla Vodka and Cola

Make a chilled cola with the flavor of your choice. Add 2 ounces (60mL), of Smirnoff vanilla to it. Mix it up and you’ll enjoy an easy party favorite.

2. Absolut Vanilia

Absolut is the most popular vodka brand, especially in the USA, after Smirnoff. Absolut is the only vodka brand to openly disclose the use of the entire vanilla pod.

It has 40% ABV so you won’t be able to forget that you are drinking vodka. However, the rich flavors of butterscotch & dark chocolate make it an unforgettable experience.

Key FeaturesThis is:

  • ABV: 40%
  • Rich vanilla bean scent, mildly sweet and rich in toffee/butterscotch flavors
  • The base of winter wheat vodka is produced by continuous distillation to ensure “absolute” smoothness

3.Stolichnaya Vanilla

Stoli did more than just add natural flavoring. This vanilla vodka was carefully made with cocoa powder, white pepper, and vanilla bean aromas in mind.

Key FeaturesThis is:

  • 37.5% ABV
  • A creamy vanilla flavor is balanced with cocoa powder, white pepper, and chocolate.
  • Basis vodka from wheat and glacier water
  1. Burnett’s Vanilla Vodka

Burnett takes vodka seriously. Burnett’s takes their vodka game seriously.

It is a great choice for blends because of its creamy vanilla flavor. It has the highest alcohol percentage but the flavor is subtle and smooth.

Key FeaturesThis is:

  • ABV: 59.8%
  • The natural vanilla flavor that is well balanced and creamy with mild sweetness
  • Quadruple vodka base, triple-distilled and triple charcoal filtered glutenfree vodka

4. Star Blu Vodka Vanilla

A scoop of vanilla ice cream is featured on the label for this brand’s vanilla vodka. This is a good indicator of the sweet vanilla flavor. This vanilla flavor is among the strongest, as well as one of the sweetest.

Key FeaturesThis is:

  • ABV: 35%
  • Vanilla sweetness with a touch of classic vanilla
  • American grain vodka base, distilled five times for crisp, fresh flavor

Signature CocktailVanilla Berry Spritzer

One ounce (30 mL), Star Blu Vodka Vanilla should be poured into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Top with 2 ounces of club soda (60 mL), and 3 ounces of cranberry syrup (90 mL). Serve with fresh blueberries.

5. Grey Goose Le Vanille

Grey Goose is a well-known premium vodka brand. After seeing the rise of flavored vodkas in popularity, they introduced one to the market.

This vodka is the star of this brand, with vanilla more of an accent flavor. It isn’t as sweet and has one the highest alcohol content.

Key FeaturesThis is:

  • ABV: 40%
  • The delicate vanilla aroma is balanced with bold toffee notes.
  • Premium base vodka from winter wheat

Signature cocktail: Martini made with classic vodka

Mix 2 ounces (60mL), Grey Goose Le Vanille, 1/3 ounce (10mL), extra dry vermouth, and orange bitters in a shaker with ice. Stir and shake the mixture. Strain into a chilled martini glass.

6. Veil Vanilla Vodka

While Veil vodka might not be as well-known as some of the brands on this list, it is very smooth and refreshing. It comes in a vanilla-flavored variant with a rich, sweet syrup taste that you can enjoy straight or with a little bit of citrus.

Key FeaturesThis is:

  • ABV: 35%
  • Pure vanilla flavors with smooth finishes and notes of sweetness
  • Premium grain vodka base, distilled five times and charcoal filtered for purity

Signature cocktail: Martini with Chocolate Vanilla

Combine Veil Vanilla vodka (30 mL), creme de cacao, and any chocolate liqueur you choose with 1/2 ounce (15mL). Mix all ingredients in a shaker. Serve with grated dark cocoa and a twist of Veil Vanilla vodka.

How to Make Vanilla Vodka

If vanilla vodka is not available in your area, but you have a recipe that requires it, you can create your own. While it may not be as potent, it will still be flavor-enhanced.

Vanilla Infused Vodka

If you don’t have enough time to make vanilla vodka, and you love the challenge of crafting and brewing your own vodkas, you can mix vanilla beans with any brand of vodka.

Vanilla Vodka Quick Fix

If you have a more urgent vanilla vodka need, you might consider using vanilla oil in combination with regular vodka.

Vanilla extract won’t be quite as potent and well-blended, but it will have the same fragrance as the vanilla vodkas. That is at least half of the experience.

You will get the best results with pure vanilla extract.

Although we don’t recommend flavoring vodka with vanilla, Combine 1 teaspoon vanilla and vodka in a cocktail pinch of vanilla will bring out the aroma and flavor of vanilla.


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FAQ best vanilla vodka

IS Vanilla Vodka can be made gluten-free

Vodka is traditionally made using potatoes. But modern vodka and flavored spirits can be made using a wide range of grains

You should consult a specialist if you have a gluten allergy or are very sensitive.

Does Vanilla Vodka have sugar in it?

Some flavored vodkas contain sugar because they are made with natural ingredients like vanilla beans.

To enhance the flavor, some brands might add sugar. This is particularly common in sweet flavors such as vanilla. But, every brand is different so not all brands have added sugar.

Similar to our recommendation to be gluten-free, if your concern is about sugar intake, you should contact the company to get information that may not readily be available on the bottle.

Is Whipped Cream Vodka a Vanilla Vodka like Vanilla Vodka

Whipped vodka (or whipped cream vodka) is different from vanilla vodka. They are however very similar and can be substituted for each other.

Whipped cream vodka is named after the flavor of whipped cream. Whipped cream has a lot of vanilla flavor, but it also has more sweetness.

Whipped Cream vodka contains no dairy products but it still has a creamy flavor that fills out the vanilla flavors.