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Saffron is magical spice saffron threads are known for its ability to promote overall health. These vitamins and minerals are all keys to the magic of saffron.

Top 7 Best Saffron Brands

“Saffron”, the most expensive spice, is currently in the top 10. Saffron is extracted from the dried stigmas from autumn flowers Each plant’s stigmas undergo intensive drying before being carefully picked.

Saffron has been used for centuries as a spice, coloring agent, and for its medicinal properties. Pure saffron contains both red and yellow stigmas. Color determines the quality of saffron. The darker the color, the purer the saffron will be.

There are many companies selling saffron here in the US. You can buy saffron online. However, trust is the main rule when buying saffron.

These are the top saffron companies in the USA that have been known for their high quality for decades.

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Kiva Health Food La Mancha Spanish – Saffron

It is the Premium Spanish Safran, which is imported from Spain. It contains the highest-rated full-stemmed saffron thread. It is protected by a sealed glass jar that preserves its taste. They can also be used to enhance the flavor of certain food items.

Mehr Saffron Premium All Red Saffron

It is 100% Pure Premium Red Saffron. The International Taste & Quality Institute awarded it the “Superior Taste Award”. It has been awarded the “Best Taste”, “Aroma”, and “COLOR” designations by a distinguished jury of 120 chefs and sommeliers.

This helps to keep saffron fresh by covering it with a “Corked Glass Jar”. The fresh aroma of this saffron makes it very popular and is pure.

McCormick Gourmet Spanish Saffron

It is well-known for its natural scent and quality. Saffron makes food healthier and tastier.

Rediff Afghan Saffron threads

Rediff Afghan Saffron can be more potent than other colors. It has been awarded the 3 Golden Star by International Taste & Quality Institute, for its exceptional aroma, taste, color, and quality. Saffron is grown organically in the Northwest region of Afghanistan, which has an ideal climate for growing it.

Kiva Gourmet Spanish Saffron

It’s imported from Spain with the Highest Rated Full Stemmed Saffron Threads. The product is sealed in a jar and protected by a pouch. This is a well-known product for its color and high quality.

Zaran Saffron

It is 100% pure Persian Saffron, with the highest quality “Super Negin”, threads. It is All-Red Saffron It comes packed in a luxury glass container. It makes a great gift. You can use it to celebrate many memorable occasions.

Saffron Fire Red

Super Negin Grade Safran, also known as Super Negin Grade, is the world’s most expensive and sought-after spice. It is used in baking, cooking, medical, and holistic purposes.

Saffron threads are certified 10/10 in Safranal, Crocin (Fire Red Color), Picocrocin, and Flavor according to ISO 3632 standards. It is a Grade A+ rating.

Saffron Buying: Why So Expensive?

The price of a small amount of high-quality saffron can be much higher than buying multiple jars full of other spices.

Why? Because it takes many hours to hand-harvest the Crocus Sativus flower and makes saffron.

If you are unable to see, Cheap saffronThere are good chances that it will happen. Faux or adulterated.

It doesn’t take much saffron in order to add color and aroma to your dishes. If you look at the price per meal, saffron won’t be so costly.

However, if paella and Persian rice dishes are regular meals in your diet and you like adding this aromatic spice to stews and sauces, you might find saffron to be a bit of a spend.

What is High-Quality Saffron?

Before saffron is sold on the shelves at your local supermarket, it must go through many stages. Everything from cultivation to how dried saffron is stored at the manufacturer, all of these factors determine the spice’s quality.

The Right Climate for Cultivation

The countries where the climate is suitable for the saffron plant to grow are home to the best saffron. These flowers prefer cold, wet winters and hot summers.

Saffron can be grown in many countries, including Iran, India, Afghanistan, and Spain.

The US is one of the biggest consumers of this wonderful red spice, and it also produces saffron from certain areas of the state. Washington and Pennsylvania are just two states that have saffron cultivation.

Hand-Picking Saffron

Harvesting is a crucial step in the whole process of producing saffron.

This is why it’s not surprising that the work is done by hand at certain times throughout the year and during specific days. Saffron can be hand-picked in autumn or early in the morning.

The stigma of a saffron flower (i.e. The red threads of the saffron flower should not be removed. This is an indicator of high-quality Safran.

There are several types of saffron. The highest quality saffron has beenAll red saffron and its subtype called begin grade saffron: For Persian and Afghani,

The red cluster is an indication that the threads are of premium quality. To produce begin saffron, takes a lot of effort and skill.

All red saffron may also be known as sargol saffron. It refers specifically to the dark red ends of the saffron string.

Every serious manufacturer of saffron clearly states the type, grade, and origin of their product.

If the ends of saffron threads are yellow-white, this means that the manufacturer wants to add weight. These parts of a stigma are still fragrant, but they don’t add any color.

Perfectly Dried Saffron

The best quality saffron can be dried to perfection. The perfect drying temperature should be achieved after harvesting saffron. They shouldn’t get wet, but they shouldn’t be roasted.

Once dried, saffron needs to be properly stored and packaged. It is rare to find high-quality, high-quality Safran in a regular plastic spice jar.

How can you determine the quality of saffron? or the best saffron

There are not all saffron manufacturers that sell high-quality, high-quality products. It is important to only buy authentic saffron from reliable manufacturers, as there are many brands that sell counterfeit saffron.

Here’s how to tell if your saffron is high-quality.

  • Smell it. Fake saffron isn’t distinctive in its smell. Real saffron however has a distinctive aroma with sweet notes. It is also musky and floral.
  • Taste it. Although saffron can be very fragrant, it has no distinct flavor. It’s slightly sweet, floral, but bitter all at once. If the saffron is too sweet or metallic, it may be fake or very low quality.
  • You can test it with water. You can put a few saffron strings in water. Fake saffron threads that release color quickly are likely to be low-quality or fake saffron. Real saffron is slower to release color, but the threads are still bright red.

These three “tests” reflect the three elements that determine the quality and purity of saffron.

Crocin provides the color. Safranal is behind the aroma and flavor of saffron. Picrocrocin gives the red threads their flavor.

5 Top Best Saffron Brands From The USA

Here are five top brands to buy saffron online in the US. You will enjoy the coveted aroma and color of this incredible spice.

  • 1. Zaran Saffron Persian, super begin
  • 2. Golden Saffron Persian,
  • 3. Super Red Saffron Afghani
  • 4. Delitaliana Spanish Saffron Spanish,
  • 5. Kiva Gourmet Spanish Saffron Spanish,

We have also reviewed each one in detail below. So make sure to continue reading.

Zaran Saffron

If you have ever looked into saffron, you know that Persian saffron is the most recognized and valued saffron type

It is true that more than 90 percent of this spice is imported from Iran, but that Persian negin saffron also represents the highest quality saffron available.

Zaran Saffron produces the best quality saffron, with the highest levels possible of the three quality indicators of saffron: crocin (safranal), and picrocrocin.

This super negin is pure saffron. It will bring the necessary aroma and color to any dish that you choose to use it in, whether it is Spanish paella or Italian risotto, or classic Persian rice.

La Mancha is the best Spanish saffron after Coupe.

Don’t be shocked if La Mancha saffron is a bit more expensive than Coupe or Persian.

Because it is a rare saffron type, the price point is justified by the fact that it only grows in a tiny region of Spain. It is dried by toasting and retains a hint of smokiness that other saffron types don’t have.

KIVA sells saffron, and not in a tin like the other saffron companies on this list. Instead, KIVA sells saffron packaged in resealable jars. This assures that the spice will remain fresh no matter how long it sits in your spice drawer.

However, it should be noted that tin packaging is also good as long as it is well sealed.

Fire Red Saffron

Fire Red Saffron is the most premium saffron. It’s super negin grade saffron of exceptional quality.

This Afghani Safron receives the highest Grade A+ rating.

This means it is high-quality saffron. It is also the most valuable type, as a lot goes into making this kind of saffron.

These saffron-producing flowers are grown naturally without the addition of GMOs to alter the color, taste, or aroma.

The threads are hand-picked and then go through a three-round inspection to ensure you get the best quality saffron.

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Spanish Saffron Delitaliana

Deliataliana saffron, Spanish all-red saffron, is of the highest quality. This saffron has a natural flavor and color because it is not fertilized.

This is category 1 saffron. You can expect to get 2 grams of aromatic red threads that will elevate your rice dishes and stews.

There are several types of Spanish Safran, Coupe being the most high-quality. It is the Persian equivalent to sargol grade.

Delitaliana is all-red Coupe saffron. We are certain you will find what you need in this high-quality, high-quality Safran.

Golden Saffron

The leading brands in Persian saffron are the best. It’s not surprising.

Golden Saffron, a brand you can trust to supply pure Persian saffron, is one of the most trusted. This is all-red saffron of the highest quality, packed with unparalleled flavor and aroma.

This saffron has no artificial colors or preservatives. There are no yellow or white threads added to it. They add nothing but weight and color to the dishes.

Tin packages contain 2 grams of Safran and the manufacturer guarantees that it is only deep red Sargol saffron.

Golden saffron can be used to cook rice, meat dishes, and bake cakes. It will give your dish the perfect golden-yellow color.