herbalife side effect kidney
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Herbalife provides a range of products and services for weight and nutrition management. Herbalife Company is committed to social responsibility, healthy living, and sustainable development.

Herbalife offers many products from several categories. They have products that can be used for weight management, personal care, energy, and health, as well as fitness and nutrition. The Herbalife team has several award-winning scientists and nutritionists who have developed all the products.

They can ensure that customers receive safe, effective, and reliable products. Herbalife products can be used as dietary and nutritional supplements nut some people think about Herbalife side effect kidney

Herbalife Nutrition is an American company that makes a variety of nutritional supplements. These include protein shakes, meal substitutions, vitamins, and minerals.

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Despite Herbalife’s worldwide popularity, there are still questions about safety and possible side effect risks.

Many people are particularly concerned and giving potential effects of the products on kidney health.

Herbalife is an effective diet drink to lose weight. However, it tastes delicious. You can also use this drink to prevent your weight from rising after the diet.

Herbalife has multi-level marketing and is known for its products (not drugs). They claim that they can help you lose weight, lower blood sugar, improve cholesterol, and so forth. The decision on whether to use it is yours, but its effectiveness hasn’t been proven scientifically.

If you are looking for healthy diet tips, you have many options. While Herbalife is a powerful weight loss beverage, you should be aware of some Herbalife Side effects.

This Herbalife smoothie is packed full of essential vitamins. Cascara degrade can cause abdominal discomfort and cramps.

Some ingredients can trigger allergies. It can also cause side effects if the price is high. The adverse effects of soy products.

This article explores the science and explains how Herbalife may damage your kidneys.

What are the facts on herbal supplements?

These facts about herbal supplements apply to all, regardless if they are for someone with kidney disease. Sometimes herbal supplements are known by more than one name. This includes a common name as well as a plant’s name. Some common concerns include:

  • The Food and Drug Administration does not allow to regulate herbal supplements for their content, dosage, or purity.
  • Aristolochic, a compound in herbal supplements, can be dangerous to the kidneys.
  • Herbal supplements can contain heavy metals that were made in different countries.
  • It is not clear if herbal supplementation has any real health benefits. Access to the information there are few research or studies which have been conducted on the patients’ health and routine with chronic kidney disease.
  • Prescription medicines can interact with herbal remedies to alter or enhance the effect of prescription drugs.

There product contain lead

The kidneys are affected by Herbalife products that contain lead. The kidneys can be affected by too much lead in your body. This is lead-related nontoxicity, which affects the kidneys. This is a rare case of kidney damage from lead exposure.

However, Herbalife products may increase the level of lead in your body. Kidney damage is very rare. It is usually caused by lead found in toys, dirt or dust, household paint, drinking water, and even house paint.

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High Caffeine

Caffeine is a necessary part of Herbalife products. Regular caffeine consumption is harmful to the health of the person who is taking it and also can cause an increase in your risk of developing Calcium Oxalate Kidney Stones. How does it work? To make calcium oxalate crystals, oxalate, and crystals calcium combine.

Caffeine acts in a way that causes blood vessels and blood pressure to temporarily increase 

Consuming caffeine in high quantities can increase blood pressure. This could cause kidney damage.

Caffeine-containing beverages or eatable items or drinking items like tea, coffee, and other caffeine-rich beverages or drinks can also increase the excretion rate of oxalate by urine. This can cause the formation of kidney stones 

One large study showed that increased caffeine intake is associated with higher risks of developing recurrent stones, especially in women

However, mixed research suggests that there may be a link between caffeine intake and a lower chance of developing kidney stones

You should consult your doctor if any of the supplements you take contain caffeine are likely to cause kidney problems.


Herbalife products that contain caffeine can increase blood pressure and cause kidney damage when consumed in large quantities. The possibility that caffeine can also lead to kidney stones is possible, but the evidence on this subject is not clear.

Caffeine is mildly diuretic and prevents the kidneys absorb water.

Herbalife has caffeine which makes kidney disease worse. Regular caffeine consumption can increase protein in the urine, increase heart rate, make the arteries more flexible and lead to increased blood pressure.

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High blood pressure

The kidneys are linked with the circulatory system and dependent on one another and they used to work together. The kidneys use lots of blood vessels like (RBC, WBC, Platelets, and plasma also) to filter extra fluids containing in them and eliminate wastes. The kidneys filter blood through the nephrons. The kidneys are unable to function well if they have damaged blood vessels.

High blood pressure can lead to weakened, narrowed, or hardened arteries around the kidneys if it is not controlled. The kidneys won’t receive enough blood if the arteries are damaged. They also do not filter blood well. High blood pressure can result from Herbalife’s products.

Increased frequency and intensity of urination

Your urination frequency will increase if you take Herbalife. Because of the increase in metabolism, your body will burn more fat, which means you will experience more frequent urine.

Hunger is on the rise.

You’ll feel hungry after you consume Herbalife Products. However, don’t worry, your body may be dehydrated.

Consuming Herbalife can help reduce hunger.

Lead to Weight gain

Sometimes, when you do weight-loss programs, your weight rises. What’s the deal?

Do not panic. You can first check your body’s circumference. It signs the change in the body which means that you have reduced body fat and increased amount of muscle mass. This positive sign is important because you will slim down faster and burn more fat.

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Summary about : Herbalife side effect kidney

Herbalife products include nutrients that people with chronic kidney disease may need, such as protein and phosphorus.

Consuming high quantities of caffeine can temporarily elevate your blood pressure.

Multiple case studies have concluded that Herbalife might cause liver damage. Individuals who have had liver problems in the past should stop taking Herbalife.