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We all want to love what we eat. We all desire comfort in what we eat. Most people want their food to be fast and simple.

You can’t give up on a beloved favorite like refried beans. But knowing how to choose the best canned refried beans for you is a great way to get better health.

What are the healthiest types of refried beans? Beans that have been fried using healthy fats (such as avocado oil) are considered to be the healthiest. It’s a good idea also to opt for organic.

This article will show you how to avoid shopping and give you the top 5 healthiest options for refried beans.

This list has recipes made with heart-healthy avocado oils, low sodium, and little to no fat.

Beans are a staple ingredient in many Hispanic, Asian, and Middle Eastern cuisines. Each person’s taste buds may differ. There are many types of beans available. Refried beans seem very popular.

Refried beans have a smooth texture and additional flavor that makes them a popular choice for main dishes such as burritos or a side dish with cheese and rice. You can add a touch of lime. With so many options for canned refried Beans, it can be hard to choose the right one.

We wanted to see the best choices let us go through the article to learn more

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Refried Bean

Refried beans are an iconic Latin American dish.

The beans should first be boiled. Next, they will be mashed with oil and spices.

You can find a variety of spices and fats, making them an excellent, versatile, and nutritious addition to multiple dishes.

Are Refried beans healthy?

refried beans can be a healthy and nutritious addition to any well-balanced diet.

There are, however, a few ingredients that have been found to cause adverse effects in the long term if taken in large amounts.

Refried The following are some of the most important nutrients found in beans

  • Fiber
  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Potassium

Refried beans can be a great source of comforting, satiating, and satisfying flavor.

How to choose the Healthiest Refried Beans

It is essential to review the ingredients list before you decide on the best-refried beans.

Refried beans come in two forms: canned and dehydrated. The nutritional content does not change, if any, in either case.

Here are a handful of ingredients that we ensured were not on our list.

  • Lard, bacon fat
  • Too much sodium:
  • High amounts of saturated or trans fats

All of these ingredients can be enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced diet, particularly if you are otherwise healthy.

Animal fat is the same as or considered as saturated fat. It can offer certain health benefits in moderate quantities.

Standard American Diet tends to be high in saturated fats. If you are able to choose refried beans made from unsaturated oils, that’s a great option. There are plenty of low-fat options.

Next is sodium content. Again, Americans are eating significantly more sodium than their daily recommended intake, which negatively affects this vital component of our diet.

You can reduce your daily intake by choosing low-sodium, refried beans.

Best Canned Refried Beans

1. Santa Fe Bean Company Instant Fat FreeVegetarian 7.25-Ounce

Do you want a healthy snack or side dish that doesn’t cost too much?

Santa Fe Bean Company Instant Fat-Free Vegetarian Refried Beans won our attention after extensive research. The eight packs contain seven ounces of refried beets. These are an excellent alternative to fresh or canned varieties.

They are low in gluten, cholesterol, and high protein. They’re also low on sodium.

Once you are ready to add them into dips, main meals, and sides, all that is left to do to make sure they retain their texture and flavor is to mix them with water.


These refried beans are full of benefits. Many customers are happy to say that these beans taste better than canned beans.

They have a very long shelf life of around two years, so there is no need to worry about them running out.

Customers have stated that it is difficult to find canned refried beans with the same taste as this one since they are free from genetically modified elements.

Pouches can be opened easily and transported well.


Refried beans have no drawbacks, according to many customers.

Some people felt that the item was more expensive than it would have been if they bought it in a grocery store.

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2. Bush’s Top Black Refried Beans

Bush’s Best Black Refried Beans placed at No. 1.

They can be cooked to bring out the best flavors, textures and are a delicious addition to Southwest, Puerto Rican, or Mexican dishes. Ingredients that are used are water, vinegar solution, onion powder, and as well salt.

Simply heat them in a microwave for 1-2 mins or on the stove for a few more minutes. You can season them with other vegetables or add meat or rice to make them even more delicious.


Bush’s Black Beans are good enough to eat on their own but can also be combined with herbs, spices, or sides to make great snacks and meals.

They are a staple in salsas. Twelve cans mean you will have enough cans to cook for several people, or you can keep them on hand for a long time. Also, the price is very affordable.


Bush’s Refried Black Beans received nothing negative from its customers.

A few people complained that they might not be easily found in some grocery shops.

3. Rosarita Traditional Refried Bells 16 oz

What you’ll enjoy:

 Rosarita Traditional Mexican Refried beans provide authentic Mexican flavors to complement your favorite Mexican dishes. These beans are healthy and nutritious, with a low price that will give you a lot of value.

Rosarita Traditional Refried Beans can bring a unique flavor to your favorite Latin dishes and Southwest cuisines.

These beans contain 120 calories per cup and are low in trans fat. This makes them an ideal addition to Mexican cuisines.

Rosarita Traditional Refried Beans were created according to a secret family recipe. The beans are made with bean pieces and creamy red refried Beans. It is a thick texture that goes well with chips or rice. They are smoky in flavor, which many people find appealing.

While these beans are not vegetarian, Rosarita produces a vegetarian variant of these beans. This label will indicate the difference. There are also options for “spicy” or “no fat” varieties. This item is made of lard, an animal fat.


customers are loving and encouraging the taste of these refried beans. One customer even called them a Mexican restaurant in cans.


Here you won’t get refried beans with a more pasty taste. Most complaints about this product revolved around dented cans more than any apparent shortcomings in beans.

4. Taco Bell Fat-FREE Refried Beans

What you will love: Taco Bell refried bean sandwiches are both vegetarian and free of fat. It is very similar to what Taco Bell offers.

You don’t have refried beans to be a part of a diet that focuses on vegetarians and other fat-free foods.

Taco Bell Fat-Free Refried Beans are delicious and guilt-free. Ingredients: Pinto beans cooked with less than 2 percent salt, dried onions, and garlic, as well as pink beans and natural flavor. Lecithin is also included. This order includes twelve 16-ounce containers.

They are also available in an Original flavor. These can be enjoyed as a dip or to add flavor to burritos or tacos.


Many happy customers have reported that these refried beans taste almost exactly like Taco Bell’s. It has a delicious texture and flavor.

They’re also gluten-free, fat-free, and vegetarian. This is great news for anyone who follows special diets or simply wants to be more healthy.


There aren’t many complaints. A few people complained about the bean’s thick consistency.

To thin them, add some water. It may disappoint you to learn that it can do NOT come with pop tops.

These products are not often available in your local stores. If you don’t have the internet to search for them, it may be possible to order large quantities.

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5. Old El Paso Spicy fat-free beans, 16 oz

What You’ll Enjoy: Old El Paso Refried Beans have just enough heat that they enhance their flavor without setting your mouth on fire. They’re rich in fiber and protein. They’re low in fat and cholesterol and are great for Mexican cuisine.

These El Paso Refried Spicy Beans are great for those who like fat-free refried beans with a kick.

They come in a 12-pack, each containing 16-oz. They are packed with protein and come in 12-packs of 16-ounce cans. Ingredients include jalapeno peppers, cooked beans, and sugar.

They are just the right amount of spice to enhance their taste without being overpowering. The preparation of these cookies is simple. To heat, either heat the beans over low heat on the stovetop or place them in the microwave for between 2-2 and 1/2 minutes. Refried beans from El Paso make excellent sides and dips. You can also combine them with other grocery products.


These beans have a pleasant texture and taste. These beans are great for soup-thickening and burritos.

They are healthier than other refried beans alternatives that may contain high levels of fats or additives.

Buyers were also pleased with the price. This is especially true when they can’t find this product at their local grocery or are unable to pay more online.


These beans come in cans without pull tabs. Most complaints concerned dented cans.

6. Rosarita Low-fat Refried Black beans

What You’ll Enjoy: These beans are delicious and full of nutrients. They also have low fat. These beans make great additions to Mexican recipes.

Rosarita Low Fat refried bean that is low in fat.

This 12-can pack contains the following ingredients.

They are lightly seasoned for flavor enhancement but still allow you to add your favorite ingredients. Rosarita Low Fat Refried Black Beans is a family recipe that will give you a true taste of Old Mexico.


It was hard not to find any faults. A few people weren’t happy with the taste and cost of the refried beans, but that is normal for any food product.

7. Eden Organic Refried Kidney Beans

You’ll Love These ThingsThese refried beans have a slightly soft texture, which makes them great for using in soups and dips. These beans are low-sodium and high in nutrients. They also come at a modest cost.

A can of Eden Organic Refried Kidney Beans is a great option for anyone looking for a healthy side or snack to Mexican cuisine.

The 12-pack contains 15-ounce cans. You’ll have enough for everyone. These cans have a combination of whole and processed beans that give them a great texture for soups, burritos (and more), and fajitas.

These beans are full of nutrients such as potassium, iron, magnesium, protein, and other refried beans brands. However, they are lower in fat and contain half the sodium. They’re seasoned with sea salt, a healthier alternative to table salt.

A pack of refried kidney beans can be bought at a fair price.


These beans are sometimes too bland for some, but you can always spice them up.

8. Eden Organic Refried Pinto Beans

What You’ll Enjoy: Eden’s Organic Refried Pinto Beans, certified organic, contain only natural ingredients and no harmful add-ons. The best part of these beans for many customers is the fact that the cans contain no BPA.

Eden Organic Pinto Beans was our top pick when we were looking for the best canned refried beans.

The beans are lightly spiced with EDEN Sea Salt to enhance their taste. You can add your favorite ingredients to create the flavor you desire.

All-natural ingredients consist of water, sea salt, and organic pinto bean, so there aren’t any GMOs or additives.

Cans are free of bisphenol A (BPA), so you don’t have to worry about harmful synthetics getting into your food.


Customers love that the product is BPA-free.

Many people also enjoyed the fact that the beans are not heavily salted. They appeal to those who like mild flavors or those who add their own herbs and spice.

Pinto beans fried are high in nutrients and made with only natural ingredients.


Some people found the beans to be too dry or bland.

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9. La Preferida Organic Refried Beans

What you’ll enjoy: Refried pintos beans can be used as dips or sides. They’re organic, so you have the freedom to make them how you want.

La Preferida Organic Refried Beans are another great all-natural option. Ingredients include organic pinto beans and water as well as salt.

They are great for Mexican cuisine. These organic beans don’t contain any lard, added seasonings, or other additives. This allows you to be creative in adding your own herbs, spices, and even a variety of other ingredients. The beans’ creamy texture makes them a great choice for soups, dips, and other dishes.


These beans are very tasty and don’t contain any harmful additives.


If you are looking for something more chunky, the beans may not be for you.

10. 365 Organic Fat-Free Refried Beans

Whole Foods’ brand Refried Beans is not only low-fat but completely fat-free. This is not recommended if you follow a ketogenic diet.

Important points you can find this link:

  • Fat-free and with no added sugar
  • A smoothy like texture and creamy texture that is perfectly made for burritos or any other dishes
  • Organic, vegan, packaged in a BPA, and lead-free can

Biggest drawback

This brand may be higher in sodium than other brands to compensate for the loss in flavor due to refried bean oil.

It is also stronger in spices, so make sure you enjoy each ingredient.

11. Amy’s Organic Low Sodium Refried Black Beans

Amy’s Kitchen is committed to providing full-flavored meals with nutritious ingredients that can be prepared quickly.

These refried black bean recipes are perfect for the occasion.

Important points you can find this link:

  • Reduit sodium, 9% RDI/serving
  • Constructed with high-protein and high-fiber black beans
  • Organic, gluten-free, and vegan friendly

Biggest drawback

This particular style is light-flavored.

If you expect Mexican-style refried beans, then you might be disappointed.

What You’ll Enjoy: Amy’s Organic Refried Beans – with Green Chiles make great side dishes and dips. They have all-natural ingredients.

Amy’s organic beans are a wonderful addition to Mexican and Southwest cuisines. If you read the can label, you will see that these beans make a great choice for people with dietary restrictions or who are more concerned about what they eat.

This product doesn’t contain any gluten, dairy, lactose, or soy. It also conforms to the criteria for vegan or kosher foods. It is safe to say that the beans have low sodium content if you have diabetes or high blood pressure.

Green peppers provide fresh flavor, and green chiles add just the right amount of spice to your burritos, tacos, or other dishes


This disclaimer warns potential customers that canned refried Beans were manufactured in the same location as nuts, soybeans, and other potential allergens.

How to Choose the Best Canned Refried Beans with having so much option?

Beans are a key ingredient in the many Caribbean and Latin American dishes. Look around your local grocery shop or online. You will see that canned refried Beans are available in various flavors.

They are all the better for their nutritional quality and flavor. How do I choose the right product? Here are some tips to make your next burrito and taco night memorable.

Texture of beans

Refried beans usually have a creamy consistency. But, some of the best-canned beans combine whole beans with the pureed bean for a chunky texture.

Dehydrated beans are drier because they have had their moisture removed. you can also add some amount of water for consistency according to your want. Some canned beans, like refried beans, can be thicker than others. The choice of texture depends on your preference and the purpose for which you intend to use the beans.

Some people prefer to simply open a canned and add cheese to make nachos. While others enjoy spending hours in the kitchen crafting intricate Mexican cuisine with beans as a staple, they love to spend time in the kitchen.

Refried beans are delicious sides and fillers for tacos and burritos. They can also be used to make soups and other delicious recipes.

Vegetarians vs Non-Vegetarians

It’s easy to determine whether the beans are vegetarian from the information on the label. Non-vegetarian recipes for refried beans contain lard (an animal fat byproduct).

Your tastes may dictate whether or not you have vegetarian beans in your pantry. Vegetarian products may be a better option for you and others who are trying to avoid meat or animal products.

How spicy do they taste?

This is an individual preference. Some people prefer unseasoned refried beans.

This gives them a basic ingredient to work with. They can also add their own herbs and spice to the beans or mix them with rice, meat, and vegetables to make their favorite dishes. People prefer refried Beans with a little kick, straight from the can.

There are different amounts of chili peppers mixed into these beans. There are many beans available with just enough chili peppers to enhance the beans’ flavor. Others can be spicy enough that they make your eyes water.

Different varieties of canned bean

Refried beans come in many varieties that can be used to complement your Mexican food and other dishes. Pinto beans can be used with rice or vegetables.

Black beans are a great addition to burritos or tacos. You can also make veggie burgers with them. Black beans can be combined with carrots and other vegetables of your choice to create the texture or flavor you desire.

You can also purchase refried kidney bean cans. These are a wonderful addition to Mexican dishes.

Different variety of Canned Refried Beans

There are three types of best-canned beans refried beans.

Heat and serve

This option is perfect for when you are short on time and don’t want to spend too much time in your kitchen cooking up your beans with herbs or spices.

you can easily open up the cap of the can and easily microwave it according to your want. They’re already seasoned and ready to eat once they’re warmed up.

Cook and serve

To prepare this variety, you only need to add water. Beans will retain a rich taste and take only five minutes to cook.

Customized cooking

This option allows one to start completely from scratch. You can prepare the beans and add your own spices or other items.

This will take you a little longer to prepare than the other two options, but it is worth it if your creative side is on display.

Are Canned Fried Beans Healthy?

You’re probably curious if canned beans are healthy.

Remember that canned food often contains preservatives. Fried foods bring up concerns about calories, cholesterol, and other health issues. How they are prepared determines how healthy they will be. Beans can contain more fat and cholesterol if lard is used during canning.

Consider these points when you are reading labels and weighing the pros/cons of various refried bean types.

The potassium and electrolytes can help reduce blood pressure. These characteristics make beans an excellent vegetarian meat replacement.

People who want to lose weight and maintain it will find beans a good choice because they have a lower glycemic score.

Depending upon how beans are processed, there will be a variation in the number of calories and carbohydrates per serving.

You can maximize the nutritional content of your Mexican favorites by cooking beans yourself.

What Are the Ingredients in Refried Beans?

The way they are prepared can determine which ingredients make the best-refried beet beans.

The main ingredients are water and beans. If you look at non-vegetarian cans for beans, you’ll see salt, fat, onions, garlic, and natural flavor.

Some products contain soy. One danger with lard is the conversion of it to trans fat during processing. This increases bad cholesterol while decreasing good cholesterol.

Choose beans with minimal or no lard to ensure the healthiest choices. Vegetarian alternatives are healthy because they don’t contain any animal fat byproducts.

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Our Recommendation: Best Canned Refried Beans

Refried beans make a great side dish. Add flavor to your meals with this delicious method. Although it is easy to prepare, cooking can take time. Black beans can be soaked overnight to ensure the perfect texture. When you are looking for beans but don’t want to cook them, canned refried black beans will work faster.